I'm all packed.  Let's roll.

I'm all packed. Let's roll.



The 32ND Annual Skunk Show will be held on Saturday, October 10, 2020 at TBD. The show hall opens around 10:30 am and the judging starts at noon.  It would be appreciated if you would pre-register your skunks so that your information can be entered into the computer ahead of time to save time the day of the show.  Payment can be made using the donation button found on our donation page.

To make a hotel reservation, call Group Reservations , 7 days a week, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, and ask for the "skunk show rate".  Rooms by the pool are $TBD night plus tax.  

Vendors:  Vendors are welcome, to reserve a table contact Brenda Hoch 727-809-0975

For additional show information contact Brenda Hoch, floridaskunkrescue@verizon.net, 727-809-0975.

Note:  even if you find a rate for the hotel on another site, it would be appreciated if you made your reservation directly with the hotel.  By doing so, we continue to get a discounted rate and credit for the reservations which allows us to use the show hall at a reduced rate.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.



$15.00 FOR THE FIRST SKUNK; $10.00 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL SKUNK (If showing 5 skunks or more, your maximum cost is $50.00 - provided all skunks are owned by the same owner)



ALL SKUNKS are eligible to win the following categories:

A.  Grand National Champion is awarded to the skunk with the most points accumulated.  The categories  judged for Grand National Champion are as follows:  

1. Male or Female

2. Junior, Adult, Senior or Super Senior

3. Best Color

4. Best Male

5. Best Female

6. Best Tail

B.  Categories for fun are:

1. Best costume

2. Most Talented

C.  TOUGHEST SKUNK OF THE YEAR (Chosen by the Show Committee) (NOTE:  If you want to nominate a skunk for this award, email floridaskunkrescue@verizon.net and give us the name of the owner, name of the skunk, and why you think the skunk qualifies for this award).

NOTE:  All skunks are required to be neutered or spayed, except: if your skunk is this year's baby and too young to or too little to be safely altered, you may still show him/her but see Lynnda Butler or Brenda Hoch to  make special arrangements.  


SKUNK COLORS (Color assumes plus white stripe):

Albino                                                                                                                 Blonde

White with Dark Eyes                                                                                     Blonde Swirl

Confetti (3 or more colors, not shades of same)                                      Blonde Chip

Champagne                                                                                                     Smoke

Champagne Swirl                                                                                           Smoke Swirl

Champagne Chip                                                                                           Smoke Chip

Brown - Light                                                                                                   Brown - Dark

Brown - Light Swirl                                                                                         Brown - Dark Swirl

Brown - Light Chip                                                                                          Brown - Dark Chip

Mahogany (Reddish Brown)                                                                          Black

Mahogany Swirl                                                                                               Black Swirl

Mahogany Chip                                                                                                Black Chip

Unique (any color or markings that do not fit in any other category above) .

NOTE:  If you are unsure what color category your skunk fits into, please choose what you feel is the closest.  You can double check the color when you check in at the show and it can always be modified at that time.



  1. Check - if you wish to pay by check, please make the check payable to "Florida Skunk Rescue" and mail it to: Florida Skunk Rescue, 12225 Litewood Dr, Hudson FL  34669-3715.  When you fill out the registration form below, it will automatically be emailed to Florida Skunk Rescue.
  2. Credit/Debit - if you wish to pay by credit or debit card, please use the "Donate" button below.  It will connect you with PayPal.  You do not need a Paypal account to make your payment.  Any questions Brenda Hoch at 727-809-0975.  When you fill out the registration form below, it will automatically be emailed to Florida Skunk Rescue.


     SKUNK SHOW REGISTRATION FORM:  (starts below "Donate" button).